Typical Tourist

Typical Tourist

Photo taken from the top of the London Eye of Big Ben- Typical touristy photo.


Home Sweet Dorm

After three incredibly long days, I am finally moved into my dorm and have internet access again. The story of how I got here is a long one, so here goes nothing…

On Wednesday (Jan 1) my dad drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. I went through the strip down relay race that is TSA and made it to my gate. An hour passed, then another, and then another. The gate advisor would occasionally give us updates on the vague “technical errors” that were plaguing our plane, until finally he announced that the flight from San Antonio to Atlanta designated to leave at 4:40 would not leave until 10:30 at night. Needless to say, I would miss my connection from ATL to Heathrow.

A few angry phone calls later, I had finally re-routed myself from San Antonio to Atlanta, Atlanta to Boston, and then Boston to London. I also scored a free night in a San Antonio hotel and a free dinner from Applebees. Go me.

DAY TWO: I checked back into the SA airport and thankfully made it to Atlanta the second time around. Then, as if this trek hadn’t been complicated enough, I learned upon landing that Boston was being hit by a monumental blizzard, and that Logan International was being shut down that evening at 8:00. There was question about wether my flight from Boston would even take off. I decided to try my luck anyways and board my flight to Boston.

We landed 50 minutes behind schedule, giving me barely enough time to find my next gate. Upon boarding, we sat in our seats for another two hours while they de-iced the plane. Then, FINALLY, our plane for London took off; we later learned that our plane was the last to leave Logan before the entire airport shut down.

6 hours later at 7:00 in the morning, I FINALLY landed in London and traveled to the Sherlock Holmes hotel where all TCU students were staying. I barely had enough time to set my bags down before we all ventured out to see the London Eye and the Tower of London (pictures to come). Tackling the tube station was an adventure, but I think I’ll slowly manage to get the hang of it.

Yesterday, I moved into Marylebone Hall along with about a million girls and twelve boys; clearly the odds are NOT in our favor, ladies. We then made the obligatory trip to Primark for bedding, which was absolute insanity, but we made it, then dragged our giant bags along the 20 minute walk back to our dorm.

At night, our RA’s took us on an introductory pub crawl; 5 free shots definitely beats an evening of get-to-know-you games. We even met our first group of British people…. plus two guys from scotland.

All-in-all, its been a good intro to the city! And now that I finally have internet, hopefully posts on here will become more frequent.


Today’s the Day!

I leave for five months in London in the next five hours. It’s finally here! No way to bring in the New Year like moving to another country.

I will be studying at the University of Westminster while i’m abroad, as well as serving as an intern at the foreign investment company London & Partners. I will be living at…

35 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5LS


My bags are (over) packed and my tickets are in hand. The countdown is over. See you in five months Texas!