Let me start this off by saying; if you’re ever in Wales, make sure it is summertime and make sure you have a car. We had neither of these things going for us, so it was a bit of a bleak weekend. But I was surrounded by some great people, so the trip was a success in that regard. Wales wins the award for being the best/worst trip I’ve taken so far, all at the same time. 


Welsh is pretty shocking….vowels aren’t really a thing….  Image



The only time when it stopped pouring down rain while we were there was when we went to the beach. 








This trip to Wales also marked my first time using AirBnB, which essentially is renting a house from someone for a night. The woman promised us two rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. Unfortunately, there was a mix up, so two rooms turned into one room with two mattresses on the floor for the boys…. we made it work?





This might seem like a pretty bare bones post, but there really wasn’t much to do in wales except walk…. a lot. Hence the comment above about needing a car. Definitely a car. 



Next up is Amsterdammmm!